Connecting Regions
for the Future

CRD develop relationships between Utsunomiya University and regional society (local governments, companies, and NPOs) so as to create a better community.

About us

Disaster Management

Disaster management department will promote education, research, and regional collaboration to realize regional disaster management and resilience society. With the cooperation of universities, local governments, and companies, it will be developed for the base to improve disaster resilience and in Tochigi prefecture.


Regional Activities

With the aim of promoting the formation of inter-disciplinary, inter-regional, and inter-organizational relationships and creating a place that will contribute to the future regional design , CRD plan and conduct regional design study activities in various forms, such as study sessions, workshops, and symposiums.


Community-Based Learning(CBL) at School of Regional Design

Community-Based Learning(CBL) at School of Regional Design is one of the classes that tackles local problems with the aim of developing cross-disciplinary human resources. The groups of 5 to 6 students composed from third-year students in the three departments of the School of Regional Design work with community partners to tackle their local problems. Finally each group will propose the solution against each given problem at the end of the program.


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